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Quality policy

  1. The company guarantees customers the highest possible quality of goods, services and services.
  2. The company does not guarantee 100% identity of the delivered bouquet (composition) of flowers with the photo that you see on our website. We guarantee you the maximum similarity of the delivered bouquet (composition) of flowers with the photo that is presented on the site. We also guarantee maximum freshness of flowers in a bouquet (composition).
  3. Some fruits may not be available at the time of placing the order. Missing fruits are replaced by others, according to the Replacement Policy. Since we deliver non-artificial fruits, the presence of black dots in places, blackening is the natural state of a natural fruit.
  4. In order to ensure maximum freshness of flowers, in orders with the “Call the recipient before delivery” option activated, the production of bouquets and compositions takes place only after the delivery time has been agreed with the Recipient. All calls are made during the operating hours of the company.
    The company does not give any guarantees regarding the availability of sweets, cakes, other sweets and additional goods in the selected region on the day of delivery. In the event that at the time of delivery of the order there are no ordered goods, they are replaced with similar ones with similar quality characteristics (or price), according to the Replacement Policy.
  5. If at the time of ordering the desired bouquet or composition or their individual component is missing (due to seasonality, etc.), they are replaced by similar ones according to the Replacement Policy.
  6. The company guarantees that all goods delivered to the Recipient will have an effective valid expiration date, which is indicated on their packaging (expiration date from the manufacturer).
  7. The company declines all responsibility for low-quality manufacture of goods by the manufacturer (chocolates, toys, cakes, etc. – all except flowers). In this case, the manufacturer is responsible.
  8. Any sizes on the site are approximate. An error of +/- 5-15% is allowed. The length of seated toys is measured in a sitting position.
  9. Appearance of cards and their size may vary. A postcard can be branded (with the company logo) or standard (with printed images, congratulations). The text that the Customer wrote on the card in the order is entered manually or printed on the card.
  10. The Company undertakes to provide an answer to any simple request of the Client, no later than within one business day. Answers to complex questions that require clarification of the details are provided within three business days from the day the question is received