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  • Букет из кустовой розы № 160

    Состав: роза кустовая – 15 веток 60см, упаковка крафт, лента цвет розы в ассортименте, на выбор Перед оформлением заказа обязательно свяжитесь с менеджером для уточнения…

  • Букет из Кустовой розы

    [:ru]Состав : Кустовая роза -101 ветка, высота 60 см Перед оформлением заказа обязательно свяжитесь с менеджером для уточнения деталей.[:en]Состав : Кустовая роза -101 ветка, высота…

  • Букет из Кустовой розы

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  • Букет 19 кустовых роз

    Состав: кустовая роза 60см – 19 шт, лента атласная цвет роз на выбор Перед оформлением заказа обязательно свяжитесь с менеджером для уточнения деталей.

Shrub roses have been very popular lately. Florists make chic compositions with them, with bunches of small buds looking magnificent, elegant and unusual. Shrub roses are good both in a separate bouquet, and in combination with other flowers. Such gift is universal one: it can be given to the newlyweds, parents, lover, colleague.

How do shrub roses look better than large ones?

Shrub roses do not compete with large ones. If ordinary roses are classical, then shrub roses are its modern alternative. Recently, they were not used in the bouquet arranging because of their fragility and being capricious. But new hardy varieties have been bred with which florists can delight us with unusual masterpieces. New varieties of rosy beauties have a wider palette of shades than large buds. You may find even those having a very strong aroma. With proper care, they can actually be kept in a vase much longer than ordinary ones. A bouquet of 17 shrub roses is an unusual and chic gift. Such a saturated yellow color is not typical for classical roses. The composition will fill the room with sunlight and cheer you up. Note how many buds are here, impossible to be counted. The abundance of flowers will be a pleasant surprise for the hero of the occasion. How to take care about a bouquet of shrub roses? Buds should be periodically sprayed with water, using a spray gun; Remove fallen thorns and leaves from a vase with water; Every three days, the stems must be cut to 2 - 3 centimeters;

Where can I buy shrub roses?

These flowers are best to be bought in stores with a good reputation. Otherwise, ordinary garden varieties can be sold and they do not have the remarkable properties of bred plants. Flowers grown by non-experts are very fragile and not durable. Therefore, we advise you to choose suppliers that you can fully trust. In our online store you can order a bouquet of shrub roses with delivery. It is very convenient for residents of Odessa. Be sure that the flowers will fall into your hands in complete safety, despite the traffic jams and bad weather. This is the case when a bouquet of small buds has the edge over the classic ones due to its charm.