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Order bouquets for March 8 with delivery around Odessa

Every woman wants to receive flowers as a gift on this spring day. We offer services for the sale and delivery of flower bouquets by March 8 in Odessa. Choose a bouquet or flower composition in the catalog, and our courier will bring them right on time. Delivery is completely free in the city center. You can choose gifts for flowers.

What flowers should be given on the International Women's Day?

Many men on the eve of this holiday are under stress. No wonder. So many women expect congratulations and gifts from them: family, friends, colleagues. The best and most common gift in early spring is a bouquet of fresh flowers. Dear men, give your women flowers on March 8, and we will help you choose them.

Flowers on March 8 for wife or beloved one

You can choose red roses, such a bouquet is perceived as a declaration of love, passion, deep affection. Pink roses are associated with tenderness and romance. However, many Russian women and girls prefer daisies to roses. We have such bouquets. Extravagant creative ladies can be given blue roses or orchids. If you are not sure what your beloved will like, consult a florist.

Bouquet on March 8 for mom and grandmother

In this case, most likely, your attention will be important, not the filling of the bouquet. Flower preferences have no age; tastes can last a lifetime. So we can advise tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, irises, anemones . Classical options - roses, lilies, chrysanthema.

Bouquet for a young girl

We can offer bright bouquets of warm, colour shades. Indeed, in nature, as in our psychology, March 8 is associated with the arrival of warm and sunny days. In other words, in the spring yellow flowers can bring a special pleasure -- tulips, daffodils, mimosas, hyacinths. Some bouquets are composed of roses, sunflowers, freesias, carnations, gerberas, chrysanthema.

Corporate bouquets for March 8

These are special because of their restraint of composition. Here, flowers that symbolize love and tenderness, for example, red or pink roses, are not suitable. Choose neutral bouquets of tulips, irises, daffodils hyacinths, mimosa. Bouquets that are presented to colleagues should not be overloaded with decorative details. It is much better to "dilute" them with herbs. The bouquet for the boss should differ from the bouquets of her subordinates, it is also important to observe subordination. Of course, the most relevant are tulips. For a unique gift, we recommend giving alstroemeria, irises or daffodils. If you congratulate colleagues and need several bouquets, then you get a special discount as a corporate client. You can select and buy inexpensive flowers on March 8 in the section of our corporate sales online store. You can also order flowers to be given on March 8 by calling 096 769 9693. The courier will deliver your order anywhere around Odessa