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Flower compositions and baskets

Flower compositions are more than a usual bouquet as a gift. A composition can bear a cerain load and be prepared according to a certain idea. It is often prepared in a shape of an object, like a swam, a ball, a tree, a heart, a cake etc. Solemn events, decorated with unique figures, will be remembered for a long time. Fresh flowers may be accomplished with fruits, grass, dry flowers, objects of non-living nature. Flower composition, prepared professionally, will make your girlfriend, mother or your colleague happy and it will remain fresh for a long time. You can order with us 1 bouquet for a certain event or dozens of different ones for fest decoration. While peparing, we use original floristic tecniques, unsusual plants and bright colour shades. You can find photos of each bouquet in our catalogue, the price is complete and the delivery around Odessa is free. You can buy a bouquet immediately on our web-page, click a green button "Order" to customise your bouquet. Flowers will be delivered within arranged time limits to the address you stated. If required, a greeting card will be added to the bouquet. Decorating halls for solemn events by means of living flowers is required a lot nowadays, because beautiful compositions are able to bring the necessary emphasis to the general design, add a sparkle to the general style and create the right atmosphere for a fest. For this purpose compositions of flowers in a basket or low vases are applied. They can be set on the tables during a wedding party, placed in a conference hall and decorate a small room in a flat or a house. Decorating a fest with the help of living flowers will not require a big expense, but it will help create unique fest environment easily and quickly.