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What kind of flowers do they give for Valentine's Day?

The most reverent and special day for lovers is a day dedicated to mutual love, where only he and she, where there is a place only for that magical feeling that connects hearts. There are few such days - the wedding anniversary, the day of acquaintance, the birth of a child and the day of all people in love. What kind of flowers should be given to your soulmate for Valentine's Day to express those tremulous and warm feelings that overwhelm you?

Festive bouquet

Expecting gifts from each other, lovers seek to make a surprise with elements of creativity. So you can give not just a bouquet of flowers, but create an original composition in the form of a heart. The basis can be anything - from a simple wire on which flowers are strung and wrapped in ribbons, to complex floristic ensembles consisting of flowers, sweets and toys. A bouquet for Valentine's Day may look like a toy made of fresh flowers. Funny animals - cubs, kittens, hedgehogs and hares - represent a large assortment both in colors and in the selection of plants that can convey not only the beauty of the flower world, but also embody imagination and creative approach in such an original form.

Flowers for the holiday

To truly decorate the holiday and create a romantic mood, flowers are simply needed. In a cold windy February, fresh flowers bring a piece of warmth, light and summer heat. They warm and create a cozy romantic atmosphere just with their presence. What colors should you prefer to please your beloved, and how to arrange a gift - you should think about this in advance: Rose is the best-selling flower on this day, because it embodies all the charm and luxury of the flower world. The romance and symbolism of this flower help lovers to express their feelings for many centuries. Clove combines simplicity and charm. This flower is loved by florists for its unpretentiousness, the preservation of the petal freshness, the variety of colors and is used in various complex compositions that delight with an abundance of fresh bright colors. Tulips in February can be attributed to exotic flowers. Their time comes a little later, but on the day of all lovers this flower reminds of the imminent approach of spring, of the awakening of nature and all living things - tender and touching buds with a delicate aroma and an abundance of bright colors. Gerberas are truly children of the sun, possessing a strong vital energy. Having a different color, these flowers symbolize the triumph of the forces of nature and the sun over the cold and gloomy cloudy days. They will certainly bring a desire to act, will awaken creativity and drive bad mood and winter laziness away. Orchid is an elegant and mysterious plant that resembles a female soul, which is also mysterious and attractive. Each representative of this species is unique and unique in its color. These flowers are very beloved in cold latitudes, as they remind of hot countries and travels. If you have an understanding of what flowers are presented for Valentine's Day, then you should understand how many plants should be in a traditional bouquet. This will help not to get into an awkward situation as the symbolism of numbers plays an important role in the composition.